"Ahhh i cant remember those crackers name anymore, FUCK THEM, but dont be evil." - fiend

How Healthy is Paranoia?

May 2nd, 2013 by fiend under glimpse of genius

Maybe its me, mostly me, maybe? But i feel a bit of paranoid nowadays, seems everyone is after me, sure paranoia is a healthy thing, it makes you make better safer choices, but what happens when “the man” is actually after you, maybe you should start thinking about fighting back, even if by fight it just means not cooperating…

Yeah a lot of maybes, anyways all this paranoia got me thinking, im deciding to push a new and improved fiendish in the next couple of weeks a better forum for everyone that visits besides just me ranting the shit of it, also ill try and make smaller post and not idiotic rants about everything!

If you have any good ideas, feel free to share them on the comments, or eslse just wait for it! heheh fuck!

Osama Bin Laden is Dead

May 3rd, 2011 by fiend under glimpse of genius

Well at least the Americans say he is, i kinda find it funny (besides the whole Obama’s birth certificate thing) that this president and administration don’t just show the proof, they let this thing slide, now they say that bin laden is dead, and they have the dna proof, riggghhhttt, last time i heard he was fish food… its all a bit too convenient, no?

Still this isn’t my point, my point is this worldwide celebration for killing someone, its kinda touching when hate brings us all together, and don’t get me wrong, compared with most of human existence, killing is nowadays frown upon, but for the majority of humanities existence, it was more than common place, as to be expected from top of the food chain predators like humans, and for me any reason to party is a good reason, so lets all give a cheer to one less fucker breathing my air (ps i kinda would prefer a more manly death, like shooting squad with explosion).

Why does Wikileaks Suck so Much?

December 13th, 2010 by fiend under glimpse of genius

Ohh, seems like wikileaks is always on the news, so what do i think of wikileaks?

They suck! what a shock! hey for me its like wikipedia, good idea, really bad implementation, who doesn’t think leaking secrets is a brilliant idea? still they stock all of these secrets and then selectively release them, like a few every week so they are always on the news and they choose what to show, its more about promoting wikileaks than blowing the whistle, whats the point of a organization that is as secretive as the organizations that they are sharing secrets of? fuck that shit!

This kind of selective leaking of secrets is fucking moronic, a secret divulging site having secrets? its too much of a cliche for my taste, how can you trust such a site/organization, how can anyone wanting to divulge secrets trust such organization? fuck wikileaks! you cant trust anything they say, what if they mix truth with lies, whitout the big picture and all the data, you cant say otherwise, hehehe, well glad to see that some clones are showing up, lets see if they do the right thing or not.

(and no im not talking about openleaks, those guys are even more mornic, they wont share any info, they will just give it to the press?!?!?! what?!?!! yep you tell them the secret and they will tell it to the fucking media conglomerates that run the news, yeah good idea, might as well do it FUCKING DIRECTLY!!!!)

Welcome to the Best Effort Internet

August 13th, 2010 by fiend under glimpse of genius

Don’t be Evil… sounds good, but sometimes you need to suck some cock if you want to make some sweet sweet money, thats what Google did when they turned their faced, dropped their pants and got fucked by Verizon… yes in the ass WHAT!… what thats not faggoting, shit… no, its sweet love, if you like that sort of thing…. then its all good, don’t be evil, still its kinda hard if you dont like it up the ass, im not going to dwelve on the details and shitty semantic corporate talk that was said, lets just go to the basics…

1) This is about Net Neutrality, besides all the tidbits, it all comes down to, the internet should be free from any tampering (controlling what you see, prioritizing traffic,…), thats it, so net neutrality guarantees a level playing field for everyone online, users, companies, services… so when you go online you know that you can get any site you want, thats it.

2) Any Agreements, Deal, Accords are not fucking LAW, so this deal between Google (the former “spear head for net neutrality”) and Verizon (the still actual “gimme money, or ill turn off your internets”) means shit, well no, it actually means our “greatest ally” for Net neutrality actually doesn’t give a fuck… especially if it messes with their bottom line, awesome…

3) Nowadays there there are already significant advantages that money can provide, more powerful servers and datacenters, better carrier peering, Akamai caching, you can only do those if you have money and thats already a powerful advantage and less than neutral, hell thats why Google sites are so fast, with this Verizon deal, Google basically gave, a big fuck you to everyone online, not only will their sites move faster, but any competition to Google sites might be slower, cause Verizon will give priority to Google sites.

Yeah yeah, i know im overly simplifying, but know what! Sometimes shit is actually brown, even if you dont care about net neutrality, if this shit goes down, you will end up one day looking at the screen of your computer wondering why every domain name you put in redirects you to Verizon News (a future cooperation between Verizon, MTV and Fox News it gives the news in a music video style) well thats weird… well at least you will be able to search on Google… ohhh wait Verizon got a better offer from Microsoft now you can only use Bing on Verizon net, nice… thanks Google… wait wasn’t Googles, ahhh i cant remember those crackers name anymore, FUCK THEM, but don’t be evil.

New Fiendish?

July 14th, 2010 by fiend under shit i love

Funny enough, the original fiendish design was made by me, late in 2004, and that was a modified version of a blogspot theme i also made muhahaha, the reason being that i thought (correctly) that if i used blogspot i was risking getting myself deleted by something i said, sarcasm online is a dying art ^_^

and it worked well for all these years, still it was getting kinda hard on the eyes, its a bit 2004 grunge, and not easy to read and since this is a almost 100% txt blog, im putting a new design in that is much nicer to read and work with, with all the new stuff that wordpress gives, it will still be plain old fiendish, just easier and quicker to read ^_^ enjoy of fuck off muhahahaha

fiendish is part of s2r, with some wp in the mix